Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is often a time of great stress for many people and for many different reasons. Many feel stress because of family commitments, others because it highlights they’re aloneness. Even though now it is a predominantly Christian Festival, its roots are firmly entrenched in ancient history as a Mid-Winter Festival. Its’ traditional date of late December places it towards the harshest part of the Winter Season, Spring still feels a long way off and larders were running bare. The idea of a Festival that advocates abundance at such a harsh time seems contradictory but also makes the most perfect sense. If we focus on what we do not have, we will continue to have nothing and life will continue to be a struggle. The idea of gathering everything and everyone together, having a big party and looking to the future with optimism and hope; for our ancestors a trust that Spring would yet again come, enables us to put our energy into seeing the difficult times through. The phrase “This too will end.” springs to mind.

The idea of bringing nature into the home seems to somehow lift our spirits. It might be the traditional Pine Christmas Tree or Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe. There is also a tradition of bringing Rosemary into the home. The scent of Cloves and Oranges wafting around our homes are very evocative and make many of us feel ‘Christmassy’. Whatever that means to most people, it seems to involve a smile. Many of these activities are steeped in old traditions that we have long since forgotten but somehow invoke for many a feeling of well-being.

We are very good at dealing with adversity when we allow ourselves optimism and hope. Even the Christian theme that overshadows the original Festival, gives a story of hope over adversity. Many cultures and religions have a Festival of Light when their Countries are at their darkest and harshest of Seasons. It is a rallying call to us all, that no matter how dark things may look, how bleak the forecast, put on our brightest clothes, decorate our homes with colour and light and raid the pantry for the nicest food, obviously using the plates reserved for best, because tomorrow really is another day and Spring is on it’s way.

Action for the Month

What action would help you to feel more abundant and optimistic this Month?

Which aspects of Nature, if any, would you like to collect for your home to help create a feeling of optimism or just enjoyment of the Season?

What might you like to do for another to lift them through this Season as well?

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