What are you afraid of?

Ghosts and Ghouls and Things that go Bump! in the Night?

Maybe your fears are more mundane, losing your job, losing your home, spiders or heights.

There are no big or little fears, just Fear. It is debilitating and distracting, often blocking you in living your life, very often through a fear which at its’ lowest level is about Death.

Halloween, All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day are all about Death.

They are linked to the Pagan Festival of Samhain. This was a Festival that marked the end of the summer and was the beginning of the Celtic New Year; A time of endings and beginnings, life and death. There is also a celebration to those who have passed on. With its’ Celtic roots there are links to the Faerie and their connection with the dimension beyond our own.

Whether people choose a Religious or Secular approach to this Festival the themes are the same. The Religious are invited to offer prayers for the faithfully departed, to acknowledge those who have gone and consider their own passing from this life and what might be thereafter. Those with a more Secular approach are invited to view Death in all its’ manifestations, for many it is a light hearted festive approach, for others it is a more deeper exploration on these themes. However this Festival is approached, it is an opportunity for us to face some of our fears. Maybe even to consider how much fear might dominate our lives and stop us from becoming all that we would hope to be.

What would it be like if any of your fears came true? “I would die” some might say, but what about after that thought, What would you do? Having accepted that the reality of our fears could be indescribable and assuming that we have not actually died, what might be the next steps? If it is about loss, this is a good time for acknowledging that loss and admitting, if only to ourselves, that we were saddened or made angry by it. What do we fear will happen as a consequence of our actions? More importantly, what do we fear would be the consequence of our inaction? How much is Fear a driving force in your life?

Action for the Month

What do you Fear?

What activity during Samhain (Halloween or All Saints’ Day) might you undertake to face those Fears, putting them where they belong?

How would you like to mark the beginning of your ‘New Year’ as you move forward fearlessly?

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