Welcome to 2022.

How many of us make New Year Resolutions that last until February, or even March?

How do you make resolutions? Is it a list of activities you would like to do or maybe a list of activities you ‘Should Not’ do?

How successful are you at keeping the resolutions set? What changes in your behaviour can be directly linked to resolutions made at New Year?

How is it you were successful? If you do not have any successes that you can recall, how will this year be different from previous years?

Are resolutions a waste of time?

According to numerology, this year is a 6 year, all about unity, family and relationships. There are also three repetitions of the number 2, a number of balance. The theme is of unifying and reforming those relationships possibly fractured by the events of 2020 & 21.

Maybe focusing on relationships, family and unity is the way to approach the New Year differently.

Maybe our definition of family may be defined slightly wider than a notion of our blood ties, extending to work colleagues, our religious or community family.

After nearly two years in various lockdowns we have had time to reflect on some of our important relationships. This is the year our focus may be on those relationships we wish to retain, those we wish to change and those which no longer serve us.

If you are in the mood for a list, it could be a list of all your hopes and aspirations, not just limited to this year, or to those ‘should nots’’ that we all too often fail to keep.

Our relationships have been under the most intense pressure these last two years. Communities have become fractured by polarisation of opposing views and people just feeling plain frightened by the whole Covid situation. It seems like 2022 is the year when we can look to rebuild our relationships, agree to disagree, bring empathy to our exchanges. We are all worth so much and we have all been through so much, this is the time to start healing.

Action for the Month

Which relationships have you valued this past year?

What might you like to unify or mend this year?

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