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Goal Setting Part II

Following the holiday theme of my first piece on goal setting, consider passion. That’s not a word used much in everyday language today, well not for most of us. Stress, anxiety and worry are words that are very much in common usage for most of us but I would like you to think about passion in the context of planning a holiday. The word excitement also springs to mind.

When thinking about goal setting, how often do we allow ourselves to be passionate about the goal, feel excited about attaining it? If we are not passionate or excited is it any surprise if we give up at the earliest opportunity, or do not succeed? We need energy to take action. In our holiday metaphor this might be money or quite literally the petrol in our cars. To achieve our goals we also need energy and often it is the passion and excitement of wanting these things that fuels our actions helping us to succeed.

There is also the realisation that we often picture ourselves at our holiday destination; lying on the exotic beach, undertaking the safari, working at conserving that ancient piece of woodland. Visualising ourselves already having achieved our goals are powerful drives for action. What is the goal, the target?

How would it look, what would it feel like? Our imagination can give us the images of success in attaining our goals. All of which assist us in undertaking the actions or tasks that can sometimes be mundane, sometimes daunting to achieve our goals.

Maybe there is a need to question the goal, if it does not bring about passion or excitement. Maybe there are questions about whether this is what you really want?

If the goal is not really what you want, then the question is, what do you really want? What fills you with passion and excitement? Where does your imagination take you when you visualise your wildest dreams?

These might seem on the one hand the most unattainable goals, but I would ask you to consider how you would not be able to attain them when you have passion and excitement and preparation and planning?

Remember that each goal is attained by breaking it down into tasks. This is the same for the mundane goals we set ourselves everyday and for the holiday we plan for once a year, and finally for the goal that can transform our lives without the aid of a magic wand but by being fuelled by passion and excitement.

Moving Forward

What do you want to do in your life that fills you with passion and excitement?

What planning and preparation would you need to do to start your journey to that goal?

Are you going to let red lights and road blocks really put you off track?


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