One-to-One Counselling


Putting the Focus on You

A space for you, about you.​ A safe, confidential space. ​A space without judgement.

Whatever is going on is impacting on you today!

You just need a helping hand to pull you out…

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You May be Experiencing

Distress, anxiety or depression.

Living through life crises, a time of transition and change.

Coming to terms with loss and grief.

Remembering the trauma of sexual, physical, emotional or domestic abuse.

Going through separation and divorce or relationship and family issues.


It's Time to Talk About You

You deserve so much more than what you are going through.

You are worth so much more than the negative messages you hear all the time. It’s draining when all you want to feel is excited, energised and alive! 

To have a different outcome. 

You need to create some space. A space where you can explore all you are experiencing.

You need someone to talk to. 

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The Therapeutic Space

You are giving yourself the time to explore what is going on and find your path.

Using the time in your own way and at your own pace to examine those areas causing you concern.

My role is assisting you in finding your own answers and solutions that are unique to you and your experience, to realise your own potentiality.


My Initial Consultation is Always Free So You Feel Welcome & Able to Make a Choice

Currently, all first appointments are online using Zoom or WhatsApp.

It is an opportunity for you to meet me. For me to go through my client contract and hopefully assist you in your decision making.

I charge £50 an hour for individuals. When I am counselling couples the fees are a little more.

I also offer some discounted sessions,  and a discount when 6 sessions are booked and paid for in advance. 

I am available for Employee Assistance Programs

Contact me directly to discuss the availability and cost of a possible home visit. 

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Let's Talk About You

I currently offer free first appointments online, using WhatsApp and Zoom. You can phone if this feels easier 

Face to Face sessions are available in both Sea Mills, BS9 and Whitchurch BS14*

*I am currently in Whitchurch on Mondays

Winding Road

Your space to explore and discuss what's going on for you. 

You might be feeling anxious and vulnerable, wondering where this journey may take you. 

You may be feeling.."l'd like to really achieve something in life, but I never get round to doing anything about it."

This might be the first time you've ever taken time for you.

The idea of talking to someone may feel silly or pointless. 

Open Book
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A Therapeutic Space

Who are you? 

What has happened?

I would like to hear your story.

I would like to hear about your unique experience of the world.

Therapeutic Relationship

Our relationship is founded on unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuineness.

Underpinned by the belief we are the sum of our experiences and predispositions on all levels.

When enabled and empowered we experience growth, maturity and self-actualisation.


What you can Expect

  • A safe, secure and confidential counselling environment.

  • A contract with you, which includes dates, times, issues you want to discuss, explore and work through.

  • Acceptance.

  •  Empathy

  •  Non-judgement,

  • Respect and encouragement of you to talk openly and honestly about what is going on in your way, in your time. 

  • Being listened to, supported and helping you explore, understand and deal with your feelings, difficulties and situations more effectively. (whether practically or emotionally).

  • A safe space to evaluate your life, helping you to develop strategies to help you either accept or, change your situation

  • Promote your 'Well-Being' and your independence, in the shortest possible time frame

  • A trauma informed space

  • Work within the ethical guidelines of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Ethical Framework


Why Work With Me

Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

* BA (Hons) Housing and Development 

* City & Guilds Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

* ITEC Diploma Anatomy & Physiology

* Usui System Natural Healing - Reiki Teacher

*Over 30 years experience of working in the care and support field. Working within the Probation Service, Public and Voluntary Sectors, also experience as an Approved Foster Carer for Avon Social Services.

Experience of counselling in an organisation taking GP referrals; Employees Assistance Programmes and private practice, offering both short and long term counselling over a broad range of issues and circumstances.


Investing in You

This is precious time and money that you are investing in you. 

You are worthy, you are valuable and you are worth investing in.

It is time to fulfil your potential and become who you are meant to be.