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Facing My Voice: A Self-Perception Shift

I recently did a radio interview, feeling confident about my West Country accent. However, what surprised me most was hearing my voice sound higher-pitched than expected. I had this image of having a deeper, more mature voice with gravitas. The recording challenged that perception – I felt I sounded childish.

My initial reaction was dramatic: ban recordings, refuse to speak! But thankfully, reality check. No one else seemed bothered, and the interviewer didn't need to make adjustments. Briefly, I became self-conscious, even avoiding discussions about it.

Life goes on, and I love to talk. I tried lowering my pitch, but it felt unnatural. Recording myself again wasn't appealing at that point.

This experience highlighted a hidden aspect of self-perception. My voice had an identity I wasn't fully aware of. It can be jarring to discover you're not quite as you envisioned. Yet, the people around me kept talking to me, showing me this was about acceptance.

This journey reminded me that self-acceptance comes in all forms, even our vocal quirks. Maybe my voice isn't what I imagined, but it's mine, and the people who matter accept it.

Action for the Month

Louise Hay offers us positive daily affirmations to give us confidence and courage. Try repeating this one daily, “love and accept myself exactly as I am.” (L.Hay. Heart Thoughts)



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