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Living With Love

It is said by some that our external experiences are often a reflection of our internal experiences. If we live in a cluttered and confusing external existence then our internal existence is often cluttered and confusing. If you remove the external clutter then we remove the internal clutter and more balance comes into our lives, less clutter equals less confusion and possible feelings of being overwhelmed by life.

The same can be said about feeling and being loved. If we are not experiencing it in our external lives then this is a reflection of our internal experience. If we love ourselves then we are able to experience love in our external existence. How many of us can truly say we love ourselves? Yet, the question has to be asked that if we can not or do not love ourselves, how can we expect others to? Or, even know love when it is given to us. If we do not feel love in our internal experience, how do we recognise it in our external experience?

We are often beset by judgements and self critical about ourselves and often far less harsh with the perceived failings of others. What stops us from applying the same tolerance to ourselves? Wouldn’t we feel a whole lot happier and loved if we cut ourselves the same slack we often give others?

Action for the Month

This Month look to bring love into both your internal and external experience

Each morning, look in the mirror and look yourself in the eye and say, “I love you.”

Tell a loved one that you love them at least once for the simple reason that you would like them to know.


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