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Putting Your Life into Focus

Looking at the View

Creating a Safe, Non-Judgemental Space for You

Trusting you know yourself and your experiences better than I do.

A relationship founded on unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuineness.

You use your time in your own way and at your own pace to examine those areas causing you concern.

My role is to assist you in finding your own answers and solutions that are unique to you and your experience, to realise your own potentiality.

Enter into a space where you can .....

Therapeutically and psychologically empower yourself to seize back control of your life.

Work through issues and problems that have worn down your self-esteem, as well as confidence in your own abilities.


Talk openly and honestly about your worries, concerns, problems, issues, difficulties, experiences, feelings, and other aspects of your life in a safe, managed, confidential environment, with a person who doesn't have any other agenda than to offer you non-judgemental acceptance, to listen empathically, to help and support you for as long as it is needed.


Unburden past and present hurts, problems and feelings, promoting your well-being leading to a deeper understanding about yourself as an individual.


Adjust your perceptions and attitudes enabling you to make decisions and/or changes which you weren't able to do before.


Take control of your actions, behaviours and attitudes, as well as help you deal with your feelings, concerns, issues and problems more effectively.

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You, may want to explore past or present difficulties, issues, behaviour and/or concerns about  ......

Health related issues, stress as a Carer

Anxiety, stress, anger or self harm

Family difficulties or parenting

Bereavement or loss

Hoarding or clutter clearing, obsessive behaviour.

Communication and/or relationship difficulties

Transition or emotional issues

Financial difficulties

Abuse either emotional, mental, physical, sexual or domestic.



These are only a few examples of difficulties we all face from time to time and it is not an exhaustive list, so please phone or email if you require support for another issue.

Writing by the Water

"When I first sought help from Jane I was on anti depressants and suffered from a very low self esteem. I no longer suffer from these negative emotions and my life has turned around.I have regained my old happy self and my self respect.This rediscovered self respect has given me the courage to leave my old job which made me unhappy and I have started working for a new company and thoroughly enjoy my new employment. I have rediscovered my zest for life and no longer take anti depressants thanks to the help of Jane."

Let's Work Together

1:1 Counselling

Person Centred Counselling.


Empowering you to take control.


Helping you find ways of moving forward towards your desired goals for living.

Tall Mountain

Employer Assistance  Programme

Employer Assistance Programme Supporting Employers and Employees with ease and flexibility.

Promoting good health and wellbeing

Person Centred brief interventions and support

Unlocking success

Reflective Practice

Looking closer at the impact of the workplace


Changing the lens on events and incidents.

Stopping the clock for 60 minutes.

A landscape of change. 

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'The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.'

Carl Rogers

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