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Counting to Ten: How a Short Pause Can Change Everything

Ever feel like you're about to explode when things go wrong? We've all been told to "count to ten" in those moments,but it might seem pointless. After all, the situation won't magically change, and you'll still be upset, right?

Here's the surprising truth: your brain actually makes decisions six seconds before you're even aware of them! Even that seemingly impulsive hand reaching for your glasses? Your brain knew about it six seconds prior. This means those "reactive" choices might not be as spontaneous as they seem.

So, how does counting to ten help? By giving yourself those ten seconds, you're giving your brain a chance to catch up.It's a four-second pause to re-evaluate the situation and make a more conscious choice, rather than acting purely on impulse. The decision might still be pre-determined by your brain, but now you have a chance to influence it in a more positive way.

Action for the Month:

The next time you feel a surge of anger or frustration, try counting to ten. You might be surprised at how much calmer you feel by the time you reach ten!



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