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They say, 'An English man's home is his castle.'

What better place to take refuge from today's onslaught of negative, fear inspiring news and events?

It may, however, invoke a sense of a siege mentality, an inflexible fortress of rigidity that might not be very helpful for the inhabitants.

What about making a sanctuary, a place of respite and peace?

How would it be for the occupants to dwell in a place that replenished and relaxed them?

How much better equipped might they be to face the world outside?

How might you create such an environment?

Often our environment impacts on us more than we realize. When we look around our home, does it feel warm, inviting, relaxing? Is our inner space reflecting peace and tranquility or the harshness of the outside world? Are our homes noisy or quiet places, full of laughter or discord, calmness or lonely silence?

Each of us is unique in those things that bring us pleasure and peace. For some it might be to have plenty of objects, maybe reflecting good memories, around them. For others it might be a sense of space free from clutter. We might like to surround ourselves with things from nature, holiday souvenirs, or the latest gadgets, whatever brings an inner smile.

How does your home smell, is it filled with exotic fragrances that transport you to distant lands, wonderful culinary aromas that make you think of family or of the children and pets that greet you at the door?

For all of us, whether we inhabit a mansion or a room in a shared house, it is about creating a space that resources us, gives us sanctuary enabling us to go out each day and meet the world head on. The smallest of things that we do within our space can have the biggest impact on our wellbeing.

Action for the Month

Look around your home and consider whether it is a castle or a sanctuary.

Make at least one small change that would help you to relax more or be replenished by your environment.

Jane Kershaw is a Counsellor and Reiki Master



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