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Potential Benefits of Counselling

It isn't possible to guarantee the benefits of counselling because each person is unique. Everyone has their own opinion about it, and therefore have different responses to it. However, the benefits of counselling can be very positive and life changing;

Improve Self Esteem

Experience living in a more resourceful way

Approach issues in a different way

Develop self awareness

Manage a crisis

Make decisions

Work through feelings of inner conflict

Sometimes the benefit is simply having the opportunity to talk freely and openly about things you've never been able to say to close friends, partners or family.

Who might benefit from counselling?

Counselling is for anyone who wants space to be able to talk and to feel heard. It could be that you are feeling unable to cope, depressed, anxious and alone and challenged by life's circumstances.

Memories of the past, painful events in the present or worries about the future may be stopping you from enjoying life.

You may be unable to work, socialise or achieve your goals.

Maybe you want to increase your self awareness, to be able to make decisions or to build self-confidence. It may help to talk to someone in confidence.


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